Here are some of our recommended food in Happy 365 Cafe, we have much more food that we have not displayed.

We are more than just a normal cafe, we have a full kitchen and a bakery.

Signature Potato Salad

Our signature potato salad is a huge portion of potato salad for one person, which can be shared by two people. it is ideal for customers who want to have a sumptuous and healthy diet. It is suitable for fitness enthusiasts as well as families

Tom Yam Seafood Glass Noodles

Happy 365 Cafe serves its Tom Yam Hotpot in a claypot to preserve the heat. You can choose to eat tom yam with rice or glass noodles. Our tom yam claypot is a mix of sweetness, sour, salt and spiciness. its a favorite among spicy food lovers in Malacca


Traditionally, Lontong is a dish unique to Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. It includes rice cakes, fish cakes fried onions, vegetables topped of with coconut sauce.

The lontong at Happy 365 Cafe comes from a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation from an Indonesian baba nonya. At Happy 365 Cafe, our lontong gives you a rich creamy aromatic flavor because of the way we made our gravy and sambal (hot sauce).

Nasi Goreng Istimewa (Special)

Nasi Goreng literally means "fried rice" in Malay. It is also known as fried rice with a twist in Indonesia. At Happy 365 Cafe, we have provided you with a twist on a twist. We've included chips, egg and chicken for you all as well.

Teriyaki Chicken Pasta

Many places serve Teriyaki Sauce but at Happy 365 Cafe our sauce is made within out cafe. It gives you a special taste unique to what we have.

Cheezy Bomb Chicken Cutlet

Cheezy Bomb Chicken Cutlet is one of the more popular dishes in Happy 365 Cafe. Our chicken cutlet will give you a wonderful surprise, as it has hot cheese coming out from the inside. its also served with side dishes like wedges and salad.

Madame Croissant 

Introducing our MADAME CROISSANT, a perfect match of omelette and french butter croissant topped with our secret special sauce. Pair it with a cup of cappuccino extracted from the coffee beans that we roasted ourselves + our soothing ambience, our cafe might be just that 'little paris' for you!


Melt into the beams of sunlight and kisses or you try our SIGNATURE MOCKTAIL.


You jump i jump into the deep blue ocean.


"Matcha" or "Green Tea" is commonly used to make desserts, frappes, and cold drinks in Japan. "Azuki" or "red-bean" is used in summer for iced desserts or winter in hot desserts.

At Happy 365 Cafe we have combined the versatility and finger licking goodness of matcha and azuki into our signature "Azuki Jelly Matcha".

Come and grab your drink on a hot sunny day or after your meal.